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aXion Service Guarantee   


Safety is our first priority. Our chemistry is non-toxic and biodegradable. It is safe for humans, pets, and all the surfaces and objects in your space, like electronics. 


Our chemistry is independently lab tested to be effective against viruses, bacteria, mold and many hard-to-kill microbes. Our dryfog application technique is used in pharmaceutical clean rooms to sanitize to a very high standard.  


Our protocol includes validation testing. A before and after test provides positive and reliable verification of reduction in bioload. 


Our processes provide durable, long-term protection. Deep 'log-reduction' targets, and microbiosatic treatments will reduce odor causing bacteria for months of days. 


Our business depends on happy customers. If what we do does not significantly improve your sense of well-being within your space, the service is on us. 


aXion Service Sectors

It's a good time to be thinking clean.  Whether it be your home, workplace, transport fleet, car, boat, rv, or tent, our 3-step process will help protect you and the people you care about the most. Take aXion today and let us help you restore confidence in the spaces where you live, work, and play, today and in the days ahead. 


Our bread and butter. Your clean dining area. 

  • mold / odor remediation

  • HVAC treatments

  • whole or partial home



Lets go the extra mile together and keep serving the public. 

  • no maximum space sizes 

  • qualifies under GSA federal funding for COVID clean-up

  • special rates 


Lets open doors and get back to feeling safe in public again. 

  • hotel / restaurant specialists

  • service, retail, grocer, specialty shops

  • gyms, rec centers 



Say goodbye to your car smell.  Say hello to fresh

  • deep odor remediation (including smoking / vaping)

  • air system treatment

  • insurance subsidy for COVID clean-up may apply


Go anywhere with peace of mind.  

  • commercial / public flights

  • medevac/ 24-hour service

  • service contracts for critical repeat needs


Stay clean. Stay safe. Mile after mile after mile. 

  • trucking fleets, cabins, refers, 

  • municipal bus / metro 

  • service vehicles 



Take care of the personals that take care of you. 

  • athletic clothing

  • outdoor wear

  • shoes, socks, underwear


So your ride can smell as fresh as the air off the lake. 

  • boats

  • RVs, trailers 

  • side by sides / ATVs 


X the mold, the dank, the smelly 

  • tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, mats

  • dry-bags, coolers

Our lab-tested chemistry is effective against viruses, bacteria, mold and persistent odors. It is non-toxic and biodegradable. 

The aXion X factor

Inquire today about a treatment for your home, business, or facility.  

aXion Customers 

"We take our patients' health seriously and a huge part of that means keeping them safe while the are in our care. I am proud of our team and the extra efforts they are putting in to find new, innovative ways to disinfect the hospital. They are raising our already high standard to give our patients more peace of mind." (read Idaho Falls Magazine article here)

- C Jackman, COO, IFCH

"It smells like after rain in here." 

- Steph F, homeowner

"As an essential services business during the pandemic, we've all been on edge about our safety at work and what we might be taking home. We feel more peace of mind since getting the building fogged. The building feels cleaner and fresher but we really appreciated seeing the test results. For a group of clinicians that was really important." 

- Robbie W, office manager

"We have five animals that are indoors part-time. We've tried a lot of tricks over the years to keep the 'we have animals' smells contained--some are better than others. We've been pleasantly surprised by how well the dryfog treatment worked. It's been three weeks and still the house smells neutral and just feels cleaner. 

- Joan R, pet lover

"I've been pestered by a lingering smell (smoker) in my pre-owned Civic. I thought enough deep cleaning would be enough but it wasn't. The cost of the dryfog has been worth every penny. They treated the whole air system and carpet and everything. My car smells better than my sisters new car now. Very satisfied. Highly recommend. 

- James N, car owner

"We had a lot of concerns expressed by our clients about coming back to a public gym. We get that. We've been concerned too and not just because we don't want a law suit. We want our clients and employees to feel safe. aXion was amazing.  We're convinced our facility is way safer that before and they've shown us that. We've seen the test results in action. Then they went the extra mile and helped us craft an in-house campaign for our clients to help them feel safe again in our space. Fantastic results. Fantastic company!" 

- Kelly A, gym owner / manager


Questions and Answers

How does it work? 

After receiving a bid, schedule a treatment with one of our aXion representatives. We work Mon - Sat, six days a week by appointment. Call 503-998-7568 to discuss any questions you have about your space / needs. 

Is it safe? 

Yes, positively! Our products are safe for humans, pets, and electronics. After a treatment cycle is complete the chemistry is reduced to water vapor and a stable / invisible microbiostatic film. 

What does it cost? 

Each space is unique. Total square footage treated, ceiling height, and access are critical factors. Residential rates range between .25 and .80 cents per square foot. Commercial rates between .15 and .45 per square foot. Please call for an estimate. 

How long does it take? 

Commercial spaces vary widely. Most buildings can be completed in less than 6 hours. Most homes require 2-4 hours. We accommodate businesses requiring after hour cleaning.  

Must the space be vacated? 

Yes. During treatment, we require that the space be unoccupied.  



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801-808-6906 (Utah office)

7584 S  8th St. W

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Office: Mon - Fri / 9 - 5

Field: Mon - Sat / 24 hrs 













Lets take axion today to improve your safety at work, at home, or at play. We look forward to serving you. 

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